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Economic Affairs: Trade and Investment


1. Introduction

The mission statement of the economic affairs: trade and investment (EA) section of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Bangladesh is1 :

To assist and facilitate Dutch companies which are interested to do business or already active in trade or investment in Bangladesh by providing:

  1. information on economics (macro and sector level), doing business, rules and regulations and politics in Bangladesh;

  2. information on Dutch trade and investment promotion initiatives;

  3. company specific assistance (i.e. advice on possible local partners or assistance with trade related problems).

Moreover, the EA section provides Bangladeshi companies that want to do business with or in the Netherlands with useful background and contact information to further their plans. In addition, the EA section regularly informs the relevant Dutch ministries and agencies on the latest developments that are important for trade and investment.

A different, but related, aspect of the activities of the EA section is to assist Bangladesh in enhancing its business enabling environment. These efforts are captured under the heading Private Sector Development (PSD). Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Dhaka plans to extent and further integrate PSD activities in its development cooperation programme. Ultimately, the goal of improving the enabling environment for doing business in Bangladesh is to reduce poverty via sustainable and pro-poor economic growth. At the same time, a better enabling environment in Bangladesh will also enhance the opportunities for Dutch traders and investors on the Bangladeshi market. In short, a clear win-win situation!

The EA section consists of two full time employees, Saskia Bezoen-Cachia and Riffat Zaman, to be reached via [email protected] Next to that, the Ambassador Kees Beemsterboer and the Deputy Ambassador Fritz Meijndert (who is also the head of development cooperation and economic affairs) naturally play an important role when it comes to trade and investment.


1.NB - the EVD and for example local Chambers of Commerce provide first line services to companies that want to trade or invest abroad. The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands comes in after the orientation phase.


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