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3. Trade and Investment Promotion by the Netherlands

3.3 PSOM (programma samenwerking opkomende markten)

To stimulate Dutch foreign direct investment and pro-poor economic growth in Bangladesh (and other developing countries and emerging markets) a financing instrument called PSOM has been introduced by the Netherlands government. This instrument has been introduced in Bangladesh on 7 March 2005 [for more information, see the press statement [Web link Bellow] PSOM supports private sector development by promoting cooperation between Bangladeshi and Dutch companies on the basis of partnership. Financial support up to 60% (maximum of EUR 825,000) is provided to initiatives of private companies from the Netherlands and Bangladesh in setting up jointly innovative projects, making use of international and local know-how, goods and services, which is environmentally friendly and has development spin-off effects. On the website of the EVD, who is responsible for administering PSOM, the eligibility criteria, procedures and status of PSOM in Bangladesh can be found ( Currently two PSOM projects are running while three projects are in the pipeline.

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